Mike’s Success

With a proven track record of stellar sales and profitable production, you are assured that Mike will deliver the goods to your sales team. He just doesn’t Talk the Talk, he Walks the Walk. With his unique story telling style Mike will give your conference attendees more than the basics. They will learn to talk the talk and walk away with useful tips, strategies and ideas for creative and cutting edge prospecting and client development.

The most successful sales person is one that is happy, confident and secure; not just in their product offering or employment but also in their personal life’s. Enthusiasm is contagious but must also avoid the out dated corny stuff that offends the intelligence of some attendees. This is where Mike is a genius, literally! Being a member of MENSA he researches his audience in depth before each presentation to ensure an emotional and mental connection.

It’s certainly true that today’s target prospect is much more educated and sophisticated and the one call close is a tougher sale. But the successful and efficient salesperson must “ask for order,” and learn to close by being prepared for any objection thrown at them. Mike will teach his pupils his method for working in a “common sense” story to diffuse objections and focus back to the call to action (aka the close).

Fresh closing tactics and a renewed enthusiasm; that is what your team and staff will take away. Choose from any of Mike’s most popular topics, or he’ll create one specifically for your company annual meeting, sales division conference, or awards conference. And if you’re lucky, Mike may even work in an original song he will compose to amuse your audience. There won’t be a dull moment or bored group at Mike’s presentation.

2002 Butler, Fallman & Talley Financial Group,

Producer of the Year

2002 US Allianz, Chairman’s Cabinet

2003 Security Benefit Group

2005 American Equity, $1,000,000 Club

2006 First Independent, Top Producer

2007 USA Tax & Insurance Services, Top 50 Producer

2008 USA Tax & Insurance services, Top 25 Producer

2009 AVIVA, Top Producer’s Conference

2010 Jackson Stars

2010 First Independent, Top Producer


Additionally, his book a Women’s Investment Guide, published in 1996 was one of the fore-runners of its time. At that point, few were addressing the need of financial information for women. Mike saw this opportunity and understood the need of this type of publication. Women’s Investment Guide was wildly popular and became the manual for financial success for many women.

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