Iron Mike

One of his quirky talents and party tricks is his ability to tie a cherry stem into a knot, using only his tongue and while talking. His record breaking time has been unbeatable. He also discovered and honed a special technique for shooting a rubber band farther than most humans.

Yep, Mike works hard and he plays harder. He has that extrovert thing of fast cars, fast computers and fast forward. Mike says he will sleep when he’s dead… if that gives you any insight into his life and activity levels. “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward,” or so he believes. Mike has two gears in his tranny, Go and Stop!

While quick on his feet he is thoughtful in matter. Several of the charities Mike has championed and raised funds for include: The American Cancer Society, ROTARY Club of America, Komen Foundation, Austin Street Shelter and Genesis Woman Shelter in addition to various other causes. Children are his big weakness and he shares his time coaching and mentoring less fortunate kids.

His biggest hidden surprise? Mike loves to write and use his personal life experiences worked into his unique gift of storytelling. Multi-faceted and uniquely gifted… Mike will turbo charge your zest for life.